As of June 13th Marika Kutscher completed her PhD with the defense of her thesis entitled „Novel approaches to antimicrobial therapy of pneumonia using antibiotics and therapeutic antibodies“. Congratulations!!!

In this year’s apprentices’ celebration of the metal trade guild (Unterfranken-Mitte) the top trainees of 2016 were honored.

Once again Leon Kalikstein, apprentice in mechanical engineering and precision engineering in our Institute workshop, was...

Mit großer Trauer nehmen wir Kenntnis vom Tode unseres Kollegen Professor em. Dr.  Joseph Riehl. Er verstarb am 14.5.2016 im Alter von 90 Jahren. Herr Riehl leitete den Lehrstuhl für „Pharmazeutische Technologie“ von 1971 bis 1994.

On May 25th our practical course ‘Pharmaceutical Technology’ had the great opportunity to get first-hand information about some interesting subjects of pharmaceutical products and medical devices.

As part of their annual excursion 44 students...