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    Students of University of Wurzburg in third place in competition "Pain in the Focus"

    (c) Novartis Cosumer Health GmbH

    David Gerberich, Georg Menacher, Alexander Schmidt, Franziska Schuster and Julia Wagner all beeing students of Pharmacy at the University of Wurzburg, won the thrird place of the student competition "Pain in the Focus" issued by Novartis Consumer Health GmbH. The task of the competition was to illustrate the mode of action of Diclofenac in a simple yet scientifically correct way. The students from Wurzburg designed a short comic strip using the appealing picture of a chevalier rescuing a princess from the dragon to illustrate the process of pain relief by Diclofenac.

    More information: www.mainpost.de/regional/wuerzburg/Wuerzburger-Studenten-gewinnen-500-Euro-mit-ihrem-Pharmazie-Comic;art735,6489051

    Von O. Germershaus