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    Improved transplants quality by controlled CO delivery


    Congratulations to Christoph Steiger!

    He and his coworkers published systems generating and delivering carbon monoxide (an anti-inflammatory therapeutic gas requiring precise dosing) for the improvement of transplant outcome. Transplant organ shortage is a major threat to our societies and CO delivery as outlined in the manuscript may help to expand the criteria for suitable transplant organs.




    “Reprinted from European Journal of Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics, Volume 97, Part A, 2015, Steiger C., Wollborn J., Gutmann M., Zehe M., Wunder C., Meinel L., ‘Controlled therapeutic gas delivery systems for quality-improved transplants’, pp. 96-106 , Copyright 2015, with kind permission from Elsevier.”



    Von S. Zügner